Friday, 19 September 2014

Wannabe Witch

The more I watch American Horror Story: Coven the more I want to be a witch. Well, maybe not a witch cause right now in the series (I'm up to episode 6) being a witch is pretty fucking scary. I mostly just want to dress like them, which is good because it doesn't require magical powers. What it does require is a lot of black... I particularly love the second girl to the left (ok I'm not 100% following names even though she's a main character) shoe/sock combo and midi length dress. They also have heaps of rad hats.

One of my favourite outfits so far was Fiona's (see I know one name!) funeral outfit. This dress has the most fabulous cape built into it and her gloves are amazing. I would definitely wear this if I was as fierce as her.

The most achievable look for me comes from Misty Day. I don't have/wear heaps of black so I really dig her Stevie Nicks-bohemian-I live in a swamp vibe. My hair is pretty similar to hers too so that would definitely make it easier to copy. Here is a bad example of her style:

Anyway, I'm halfway through and it's so gripping! I love how the story is fast paced and a night worth of action takes up 2 episodes without feeling like it's dragging on. There are so many subplots that they manage to keep super tight and I love guessing what's going to happen and how evil unsuspecting people are.

Sometimes it's hard to watch TV shows when you (vaguely) know how to write them. It's like, 'oh I know this characters going to come back because they haven't wrapped up their story line' ect. This show is definitely going to blow my mind at the end. Although I'm not sure if I want to move onto the other iterations once I'm done. Have you watched Asylum or Murder House?

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