Thursday, 18 September 2014

Goddamn Write

I've decided to just goddamn write on this blog so prompt apologies for any bad writing/spelling or just boring content... But it's at the point where I really don't even give a fuck anymore. Or I've gone so far down the "don't give a fuck" hole of non-motivation that I've *boom* come through the blackhole and out the other side into "don't give a fuck" shut-the-fuck-up-brain and just do it!

I think my current motivation comes from two things. First because I've actually been exercising for once and, who would have known, it feels pretty good. I'm actually kind of mad at myself because I've been getting a bit, er, big (although on the plus size I have the biggest boobs I've ever had in my life) and I'm super lucky to be privileged with a body that responds quickly to exercise. Second because Ben's away. It's tough to be without my #1 partner in crime but it's nice to get to be by myself and do the shit that I normally ignore in order to hang out with him more. 

I am also fucking sick of working in an office. The photo ^above^ is so true! Sometimes I have to go to Avid Reader or Wrapture for lunch in West End simply to stare at the plants they have around. There's something so calming about green, living things. What I would really love to be doing is lazing about in a forest or near the beach or just anywhere at this stage. Luckily I'm going on holidays next week, *phew*.

Anyway, here's some other shit that's been happening with me:

Reading: Bug Jack Barron - I picked this book up at the Lifeline Book Fair and it's one of the strangest scifi books I've ever read (even though I haven't read that many and there are SO MANY I'm sure there are weirder ones). At the start I was intrigued by it's beat-like language but the plot was a little slow. It was written in the 60s and you can definitely tell. First of all weed is legal and sold in cigarettes, then there are heaps of references to Commies and acid-taking, inc. Tim Leary. Death and immortality are major themes and I'm super keen to finish the book (and write a review soon).

Watching: American Horror Story: Coven - I've seen this around forever on Tumblr and I was always curious. I finally downloaded it now because 1. Ben's away and he's a scaredy cat and 2. I haven't watched a TV series alone for so long, it's so freeing to just watch at whatever pace I want (pace is 1 episode a night, builds the ~suspense~) and it is FUCKING AWESOME. I had pretty low expectations and it is totally blowing me away. I can't believe it took so long for me to watch this TV show that is so well made and not cheesy or cliche in any way. Plus it has a great soundtrack and Stevie Nicks is a witch *aaaaa-heavenly-noise*

Relieved: I've moved out. Cleaning and moving is THE WORST. On par with doing tax.

Wanting: New clothes - Just any new clothes please. It's really tough to like fashion and be poor. I want to do a post on Fashion week soon though because, at heart, fashion blogs are definitely my favourite blogs and one of the reasons I want to blog myself - not so much for the fashion, more for the ability to write and express in a fun way about fun things. I also would like some new shoes because right now I have 4 pairs (sneakers, sandals, classic vans, vans slip-ons) and it really is not enough. Plus I look more unprofessional in my office job than previously... Oops.

Anyway, hopefully just writing this will get my ~flow~ going and I will write again on it soon. If you read all of this I love you (and you probably already know because it's either my mum or my boyfriend)

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