Monday, 14 April 2014

Stardust Trails, Me, April 15

Yay! First issue of Souled Out!
Kitchen life

B's writing mood board
Bookshelf set up
Maiden's Breath

It's been a super busy past week for me. Working 9-ta-5-justa-stay-alive and getting set up for the Souled launch! Woo! I am so excited to be involved in this online magazine: check it out here! and my story on Rebel on a Rainbow (which I am so surprised has had people say it's good haha). This is the first time I've ever been a part of a website and wrote content that has been published. B is currently writing a piece on a cool psychedelic band called The Babe Rainbow. He was working so hard on it and that he missed the Souled launch deadline but it should be up on the site sometime soon.

The new house is going awesome. I've set up a few plants including the beautiful, delicate maiden's breath above which is unfortunately starting to die (I think, my first time "gardening" so I have no idea how plants behave). It's leaves are getting brittle and losing their dense green colour SAD FACE. Luckily I also have this super cool 3 pronged cactus plant I get at the Jan Power markets. It looks awesome and the lady said I only have to water it once a month a.k.a. NEVER! I've been learning a lot about plants lately and maybe if I get my shit together enough I can let you in on some of the secrets...

I have to mention that I bought the Pro version of my fisheye app and it's fucking great. I can film video on it now, and can use a couple more lenses and films. Look out for my debut skate video (lol probably not but I wish).
Peace, Claire.

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