Thursday, 27 March 2014

Psych Out

Take me to Austin Psych Fest! Psychedelic music is my study/work/thinking music. I totally lose my mind and get carried away with my thoughts which is exactly what this playlist is doing for me today. Working hard, feeling groovy y'all!

Also add me on 8tracks! 8tracks is the coolest 'cause it's basically radio if you got to be choosy. You can search any artist or mood (like "chill" or "walking") and playlists will come up that match those tags. There's no ads but that means a few rules: you can only play the same playlist 2/3 times in a day, can't skip more than 2 songs in a mix, and can't have more than 2 songs from the same artist (which a lot of users seem to get around anyway). Check out my liked playlists and have the chillest/musically matched day ever.

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