Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Inspiration: Orchid Theif


I was so excited after seeing these beautiful orchids on Ordinary Life blog. Orchids are such majestic and statuesque flowers (plus Adaptation is a crazy good movie). There are so many different varieties and colours that make them even more interesting. I'm thinking of getting a ~$25 ones from the supermarket. Oops, am I suppose to say I bought them from a flower market? 'Cause I do not have the cash for that luxury like A Pair & A Spare, who did a guide to buying fresh flowers from farmers markets.

The advice still applies to store bought flowers and is super similar to my own advice (especially when it comes to white lilies); make sure most of the buds are closed so you get to see your flowers blossom and last up to 2 weeks. Remember to strip the pollen or else it will stain everything. Add a little sugar to the water to keep them healthy (sugar is what you get in those little sachets called "flower food") and remove the dead flowers so they don't ruin the other flowers and/or smell out the room. (Dead flower water is blergh.)

I wonder where supermarkets get their flowers from? My local Woolies has even started selling ferns, herbs and flower seedlings. I think it's awesome but hope they aren't using a shitload of chemicals etc.

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