Wednesday, 22 April 2015

April Update; Books, Plans & Reggae

And there's really nothing better 

Than when an idea comes together 

For the sake of saving the sanity of the band

I haven't written on this blog for some time and a lot has gone in since the last entry. So here's a little update of what's been happening:

Travelling: Ben and I have finally put in our applications for working-holiday visas in Japan! It was a pretty intimidating process and fingers-crossed we have all the paperwork they need. The visa allows us 6 months in the country, with the ability to apply for another 6 months once we're there. I am beyond excited about going to Japan for that length of time and it's been hard to wait around, meandering through normal life while up ahead there's a great adventure. The picture above is from our last trip in November 2013 (the last time I was overseas… way too long since I've had a change of scenery!) when we were wandering the beautiful streets (most likely lost). I've had a few more pictures developed from that trip so might do a post one day to show off some more.

Reading: I've been jumping between books lately. Since devoting so much time to Naomi Wolf's The Beauty Myth (life-changing - blog to come!) I haven't really been sure what I've wanted to read. I started the Sci-fi collection because short story collections are my answer to indecision. I've only read about half the stories; once I read the excerpt of the first part of Asimov's huge Foundations series I only wanted to read that insanely intelligent story. But finding a full copy of the series is so difficult it will just have to wait til another day. Then I started Junky, which is really interesting and my main boo(k). I bought the "The TIME 100" edition of TIME Magazine as an ode to the age I'm living in. It's an interesting read but I'm even more interested in keeping it for 20 years and going through the stories, people, culture, technologies, disasters ect. for a glimpse into the year that was 2015. I would love to meet someone with a collection of these TIME 100 lists from the past and learn what was deemed important in that year.

Listening: Reggae is my weakness. I wish I could listen to it almost all the time. I'm obsessed with the relaxed beat, high spirit and soothing melodies. It helps me to slow down and relax before work or while reading or really anytime. Bob Marley has become one of my favourite shower singing choices (I'm building up for Japanese karaoke sessions). I'm also hanging out for new albums from Brand New, Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie (already out?), Rihanna and Kanye West.

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